Zipper (ZIP) ICO Review

Mobile platform turning your phone into a blockchain powerhouse

  • Token:ZIP
  • ICO start: 30. Nov 2017
  • ICO end: 4. Jan 2018

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

Zipper ICO Short Review

Zipper’s mission is to make cryptocurrencies and dapps easy and secure to use for everyday smartphone users. At first, they aim to fix the biggest pain point for cryptocurrency users today by making one’s private key and identity management easy and safe. Over time, they aim to become the “iOS of the decentralized world”, providing smartphone users seamless blockchain experiences while still being in control of their data. Zipper is more than just an app of top of Android; it’s an isolated software compartment which the smartphone’s OS don’t have access to. Zipper keeps user’s data and wallet secure and fully in her control, while still easily accessible. Zipper and its users are powered by the ZIP token, which is used to reward users for their attention and to curate content and incentivise developers. They are collaborating with Jolla ( to bring the first Zipper-powered Sony Xperia phones to the hands of pioneer community members in March 2018. And then, scale through device partnerships. Our past is from Nokia and Jolla (Sailfish OS), so they do know our way around mobile software/OS and have rather wide contact networks in the industry.

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