Vivid (VIVID) ICO Review

AR cryptocurrency portfolio platform

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

Vivid ICO Short Review

Through the Vivid platform, they aim to consolidate every and all aspects of cryptocurrency discussions into one single application that’s freely accessible on the go as well as at home. Their key features are the adding of a range of technical analysis tools to portfolios, as well as viewing these in real time, in 3D space through augmented reality. By being able to view your TA at every angle, we expect our user base to be able to learn about TAs more intricately. Adding community contributions in the forms of TAs and articles to the mix, truly allows for users to tap into the collective knowledge of crypto enthusiasts and professionals around the world. But Vivid isn’t strictly about learning. They will also allow users to have some fun on days of incredible gains. For example, you can take your picture next to a 3D projected bull that appears to be pushing your greatest gain to the top of the list and share this immediately to your social medium of choice! Bragging has never been so easy or beautiful. Couple this all with a company that focuses on coping with any massive influx of new users to ensure uptime, Vivid will become the absolute go-to portfolio application for anyone that needs to stay up to date on his holdings at any time, anywhere.

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