Top promising coins for 2018

Top promising coins in 2018

The top will consist of altos, which probably everyone knows, and whose 18-year-old plans to be very saturated. But you can assemble several X’s in the shortest time.

And yes, these coins are calculated only for HODL, if the coin does not grow for several months, it should not be drained. Let it be until the end of the year. Distribute the percentage at your own risk and risk, well, or what you believe more. We would have bought each crypto currency at 10-20% of the bank. Diversification is the key to success! Bitcoin of course we will not take, even if it will be 50 thousand (which is likely to happen), then this is a miserable multiplication of 2-3 times. Altkoiny if you shoot, then shoot much more interesting.

Ripple (XRP)

Yes, guys, ripple is a centralized crypto currency in the hands of bankers. Yes, it violates all the foundations of crypto-currency. Yes, it violates the ideology of cryptography and so on. But if you just want to raise money for a year, then I think this is a good option. You are well aware that the growth of Ripple was associated with the introduction of banks of this crypt, which was not so much. Now imagine how many banks will be added to this system in 2018? I think the choice is obvious.


As for me a very undervalued crypto currency. Has won great popularity in Japan. At the head of the project is a team of developers, whose main goal is to bring the security and speed of banking transactions to a new level. They already have successful closed networks. The guys are planning to expand into other Asian markets. As for me a promising piece, and also connected with banks.

Stellar (XLM)

The decentralized network of this crypto currency consists of peer-to-peer nodes that operate independently of each other. The time of confirmation of any transaction is 3-5 seconds, it supports thousands of transactions per second. In essence, a technology that allows you to transfer money between people, companies and financial institutions is as easy as sending a message in a telegraph.

For example, if you want to send your friend a dollar using his BTC balance, then stellar automatically converts everything with the best rate and does it all for you in just seconds. We think it’s definitely worth buying, especially with such a biting price. I’m sure it will be a few dollars, maybe even a dozen.


This is the Crypto currency for IOT. Allows to carry out transactions with zero commission. There are no blocks in it, and it functions as a self-regulating, decentralized peer-to-peer network. Another innovative service is the ability to rent almost all devices with a built-in chip. Owners can potentially earn on their drones, phones and even on broadband wifa.

In plans for this crypto-currency to connect dozens, and even hundreds of billions of devices, which seems quite ambitious. Definitely worth buying, keep in mind.


In fact, the Chinese brother of the ether. Those same smart contracts that surprised the Western society. NEO decided to surprise Asia in this regard. Since its launch of the crypto currency, NEO has started a very rapid growth. In the autumn NEO had big problems after the repression of China in the direction of the crypt. She managed to sink to the bottom, which she had never been. But now this crypt is more or less good. And most likely, it will be at least $ 300.

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

All of you probably know about the younger brother of the ether. And for sure you know the reason for their parting. The developers of the classic believe in decentralized blockades, protected from censorship. They want everyone to trust her. For them, code is the law. And to be honest, we sympathize with this much more than his venal elder brother. But this is integration into society, scaling all the cases. Buterin could not do this, one way or another, that something was done. In 2018, ETC is most likely waiting for POS and much more. I think its price will slowly and surely go to hundreds of dollars.

Siacoin (SC)

Every miner knows about this coin. She delves into the dual with ETH or ETC. This platform is responsible for the decentralized storage of files. In 2018, planned several hardcore, which should positively affect the course. In general, a very promising coin with its place in the market. Plus with a good network. If the ether is ether, then the may and sia. Hesreit on the air does not particularly sink, but who does not need an extra coin? At the beginning of the year, its price came to the top in the form of 700-800 satosh. What will prevent it from updating its historical highs?

Monero (XMR)

A really cool crypt. It is considered top-1 in terms of anonymity. In the future will be a fierce competition bitcoin. We think that this is only a matter of time. If you do not delve into the subtleties, Monero makes transactions using the technology of ring signatures. Monero also hides balances through hidden one-time addresses that are randomly generated and not tied to a specific person. Monero has the strongest team, the majority of which works under pseudonyms. And yes, a funny fact: the monerque was originally raised at the expense of South American drug traffickers.