Teambrella (BRELLA) ICO Review

Live social app powered by Ethereum

  • Token:BRELLA
  • ICO start: 16. Jul 2018
  • ICO end: 5. Sep 2018

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

Teambrella ICO Short Review

The mobile app allows people to form teams that offer each other coverage, without requiring any trusted intermediaries. If one person within that team requires reimbursement, the rest of the team chips in to provide it. Each ethereum wallet is linked to a specific user, but locked using multi-signature. The funds on that wallet can be spent only if both the covered team member, and N out of M semi-randomly selected teammates, sign for it. As such, neither the covered person nor his team can spend ethereums from the wallet without help from the other. But a team member is be able to exit a team whenever he wants to; there’s no reason for his team to lock him in. Any decision in a team is made through discussion and voting (liquid democracy).

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