skychain token & ico review


  • Symbol: SCH
  • Token sale start date: 5 Feb 2018
  • Token sale closing date: 28 Feb 2018

  • Token Price: 1 SCH = 1 USD
  • Soft Cap: 100000000 SCH
  • Hard Cap: 120000000 SCH
  • Available tokens: 100,000,000 SCH

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Technology: Ethereum


Only in the EU and the US more than half a million patients a year die due to a misdiagnosed diagnosis and related complications (WHO data). Is it worth talking about third world countries, where medicine is developed at times worse? There the situation is even more dramatic and the bill goes to millions of people. The main reasons for the wrong diagnosis experts call incompetence of the attending physician, lack of time for in-depth study of the patient’s illness, rare individual characteristics of the organism. But these problems fade in comparison with the main reason for miscalculation – a simple human factor. Even the best doctor can make a mistake, because he does not see the whole picture as a whole, he can distract himself and is not able to hold and correlate in his head thousands of these analyzes and tests.

Applying blockade and artificial intelligence, our current Skychain project wants to radically improve the accuracy of diagnostics. AI, based on neural networks, will collect terabytes of disease data and its flow from an extensive network of partners (private clinics and diagnostic laboratories), which will help predict and predict the future course of treatment with maximum probability. The long-term objective of Skychain is to create a global infrastructure where thousands of computers not only from medical institutions, but also all interested persons will be able to process incoming data. Access to the project information base will be public with a fee for use. Accordingly, the miners who provided their computing power are rewarded in the SCH tokens. As the creators of the project themselves explain, Skyhain builds Uber in the field of medical technologies, on the one hand developers (instead of drivers), and doctors and patients on the other (instead of passengers).

ICO project will start on February 26 and will go until March 31. The starting cost of 1 SCH is 1 $. 30 000 000 tokens will be available for purchase, which makes hardcap equal to $ 30 million, the minimum fee limit is indicated at $ 10 million. ETH and BTC are available for payment. All unsold coins will be burnt. The project team plans to bring the token to the largest exchanges in April this year.

Conclusion: The market of medical technologies, although it appeared relatively recently, is growing very fast. IBM estimates the artificial intelligence market in the medical field at a level of 200 billion dollars a year. According to the creators of the project, Skychain’s goal is to capture up to 70% of this market. Through the use of open source and decentralization, the company gains a competitive advantage over the giants like IBM and Google in the form of support for the community and mass. Tokens of projects in the field of AI, historically, are valued by the market – the same SONM or Augur, in the field of medicine we also saw successful examples in the person of MedCredits, Zenome and others. Skychain, which has a strong product and team, has every chance to connect the two industries and become a new unicorn.

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Ahrefs Rank – 12,600,000

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  • Gennady Popov – Founder
  • Ivan Svistunov – CTO
  • Alexander Kuzmin – Chief operating officer
  • Sergey Verbitskiy – Full-stack Developer
  • Egor Chertov – Community Manager
  • Dmitry Musinov – Full-stack developer
  • Alexey Vushkov – Full-stack Developer