Shping (SHPING) ICO Review

A global, shopper marketing and product authentication platform that enables businesses to reward shoppers with crypto

  • Token:SHPING
  • ICO start: 21. Feb 2018
  • ICO end: 23. Mar 2018

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

Shping ICO Short Review

Shping is here to solve one of the biggest problems all brands are facing: gaining attention, informing and influencing customers decisions about their products at the critical point of purchase in store. It is a deep solution with a sublimely simple commercial proposition allowing businesses to push rich information to customers to inform and influence their buying choices while receiving valuable insights in return. Shping also provides brand owners with the ability to activate powerful brand protection and security features such as tracing the chain-of-custody of the products through the supply chain for a range of benefits including meeting serialisation requirements to prevent food fraud in export markets, verifying the authenticity of products as a stopgap measure for counterfeiting, monitoring temperature logs of perishable goods, and validating the provenance of products, even down to the raw source material in some instances. To achieve this, Shping is building the world’s biggest product database that is bolstered by a range of trusted data sources including brands, certification bodies (e.g Australian Certified Organics), standards issuers (GS1), product recall portals (e.g OECD), customs and government authorities (e.g AsureQuality). The database will also enable consumers to validate and add to the data pool ensuring a healthy cycle of verification and additions to occur. Over 30 million products have been added to Shping’s Global Product Database, and it is growing every day. On top of this powerful traceability foundation, Shping has added a shopper marketing platform that brands can deploy to reward consumers with cryptocurrency directly for their choices, attention and actions instead of paying fiat to advertising middlemen for the privilege of marketing to customers in store.

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