ServAdvisor (SRV) ICO Review

Decentralized services recommendation platform designed for local service consumers and travelers

  • Token:SRV
  • ICO start: 10. Sep 2018
  • ICO end: 10. Oct 2018

Official WebsiteWhitepaper

Technology: Ethereum blockchain

ServAdvisor ICO Short Review

ServAdvisor is a worldwide first decentralized services recommendation platform based on unique customer specific preferences. ServAdvisor utilizes Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Contracts and Original Token, creating a revolutionary token-based economy connecting service consumers and retailers service providers into one eco-system. ServAdvisor aims to create a real time constantly updated and maintained worldwide platform of trustworthy, accurate, and helpful retailers service providers information and recommendations.ServAdvisor also aims to build a database of service consumers habits and preferences from which artificial intelligence can provide each individual user with personalized unique recommendations that are adjusted specifically to them. With artificial intelligence based recommendations and blockchain based high quality information, ServAdvisor will become the new standard for service discovery platforms with smart and trustworthy information.

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