scorum ico review


  • Symbol: SCR
  • Token sale start date: 14. Jan 2018
  • Token sale closing date: 14. Feb 2018

  • Token Price: 1 SCR = 1 USD
  • Soft Cap: N/A
  • Hard Cap: 17,000,000 USD
  • Available tokens: N/A

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Technology: Graphene – Separate Blockchain


Scorum is a new-generation sports media source that features a blogging platform, integrated sports analytics services and a commission-free sports betting exchange. Thanks to the blockchain technology and a stable internal economy, Scorum creates a favorable system to satisfy sports enthusiasts’ and professionals’ key needs.

Scorum website review

Alexa Rank – 403,291

Ahrefs Rank – 7,026,000

Webarchive age – 2017|11|21

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Traffic by month:

  • October ’17 – N/A
  • Novembet ’17 – N/A
  • December ’17 – N/A
  • Traffic type: Links – 32%
  • Location: N/A


  • Vladislav Artemyev – Co-Founder & CEO
  • Nikolai Pobol – Co-Founder & Operations Manager
  • Andrei Filipovich – Co-Founder & User Experience Director
  • Alexei Belov – Co-Founder & Chief Sports Analyst
  • Alex Shkor – CTO & Blockchain Architect
  • Andrew Avdeev – Head of Web Development
  • Evgeniy Konovalov – Project Manager & Business Analyst
  • Aleh Khvoshch – Front-end Developer & Team Lead
  • Dmitry Shitik – Front-end Developer
  • Aleksey Asaula – Back-end Developer
  • Alexandr Trigubov – DevOps Engineer
  • Evgeny Tuchak – Back-end Developer
  • Alexandr Plevako – Blockchain Developer
  • Alexander Abolin – Blockchain Developer
  • Andrei Ignatov – Software QA Tester
  • Alexander Yakubovskiy – Designer
  • Anastasia Pristavneva – Head of Marketing
  • Tanya McTavish – PR Manager
  • John McTavish – Community Manager
  • Zinaida Rasaeva – APAC Marketing Manager
  • Evgeniy Boidak – PR Researcher
  • Tigran Agardzhanyan – Analytics & Traffic Manager
  • Oleg Smolerov – Sports Analyst
  • Margarita Bulgak – HR Manager


Scorum ICO Review

Not all people are stable in sports, but one way or another everyone is interested in it, as statistics prove: more than 1 billion people visit sports sites every month. Logic suggests that football is leading here with a big margin, but basketball, tennis, swimming, light and weightlifting also have their own solid base of fans. Of course, such an extensive audience can and should be monetized – giants such as ESPN and SkySports earn hundreds of millions of dollars a year on advertising, and the Yahoo media line has long been living at the expense of Yahoo Sports. It is interesting, however, that the bulk of content for sports portals is still produced by analysts and staffers, and the community is not involved in the process. Due to experience in sports media, I know that the basis for the success of the sports portal is, strangely enough, not the quality of the articles, but their efficiency. Having published the news with the account and the winning team of the Champions League for 30 seconds ahead of the conditional Match TV, you get up on the first line in the search result and in the moment you take more than 70% of the traffic from people who want to know the account (and they are usually on the order of magnitude more , than watching the match). This is the sphere where every second plays a decisive role – exactly, as in sports.

Our current project Scorum wants to transfer the microphone from the authors to the community, creating the first decentralized sports media. Using a successful model of SteemIt, the developers of the startup plan to reward tokens of independent authors for the publication of analytics and operational news reports. Specially for authors, tools were developed to create content with interactive graphics, sports analytics and large photo frames. The history of matches and other statistics is planned to be pulled from the created Statocenter Scorum (Livescore analog), information in which users can also manage. The third and biggest niche that the project wants to touch is sports and fantasy bets – for a minute, one of the biggest markets not only in sports, but also online, in principle, with a size of more than 1 trillion. dollars. The developers plan to implement their rate exchange using Graphene blocking system to make quick, transparent and exclude the influence of third parties. It is assumed that due to the low commission and large audience, players will switch from the current bookmakers to the decentralized Scorum platform.

ICO project starts on January 14 and will last until February 10 inclusive. 18.9 million out of a total of 20 million emitted SCR coins will be distributed during krauseyla, of which 65% is for development, 20% for marketing, and 15% legal advice. The remaining 1.1 million tokens are divided between the team and the bounty program. Unsold tokens will be converted to Scorum Power, which will be used as a utility within the platform for paying for services and receiving rewards. Portal revenue from advertising, affiliate programs and other sources will be distributed in half between the project’s founders and the holders of the tokens.


The Scorum project has two sides of the coin. One side is entirely positive and potentially very interesting – the creation of SteemIt for sports content, with collective blogs and a community that will respond lightning fast to sports events, ahead of media old-timers. A clear market with a low entry level, a clear token economy, a prototype presence, a competent team with the support of well-known athletes – all this adds points to the project. But I do not believe in flirting with the industry of betting and gambling, and I promise to put big bookmakers on the shoulder blades, moreover, I am sure that this absolutely unnecessary part of the project was made only to attract additional attention and eventually will take a back seat.
Nevertheless, the tokensale Scorum sets a worthy, sporty start this year, being one of the most interesting projects of January.