rLoop (RLP) ICO Review

Globally distributed and decentralized moonshot engineering organization

  • Token:RLP
  • ICO start: 8. Jul 2018
  • ICO end: 8. Sep 2018

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

rLoop ICO Short Review

The rLoop Network is a globally distributed and crowdsourced innovation community. Their mission is to develop and launch innovative technology fueled by a genuine desire to improve the world and humanity. The network facilitates the collaboration of global talent and resources, enabling anyone to contribute to potentially world-changing technology. The rLoop Network harnesses and incentivises the human capacity for innovation. rLoop believes innovations in technology will allow humanity to make exponential societal, economical, political, and cultural advancements. They believe that for radical innovations to be truly radical, they must be decoupled from traditional motivations. They believe there is a better way for people to work together. They are creating the future of work; a network to democratise high technology. And they have already started with the future of transportation, the Hyperloop.

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