QUOINE’s QASH Token Sale (QASH) ICO Review

Providing LIQUIDITY to the Non-Liquid Crypto Economy

  • Token:QASH
  • ICO start: 6. Nov 2017
  • ICO end: 5. Dec 2017

Official WebsiteWhitepaper

Technology: Qash blockchain

QUOINE’s QASH Token Sale ICO Short Review

QUOINE’s LIQUID platform is a financial utility that will benefit the entire crypto economy. At QUOINE, they believe the crypto token economy will become the future of the financial world and liquidity lies at the heart of such incredible transformation. LIQUIDITY is the creation we believe will bring liquidity to the currently illiquid crypto space. This is where token issuers, token holders, innovators, and users of next generation financial services all benefit and contribute to Liquidity. QASH Token Sale is an opportunity for investors to participate in the growth of LIQUID. QASH can be used as Crypto Token users can pay for services on all of our platforms; and as a tradable Crypto Token on the open market.

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