qiibee (QBX) ICO Review

A decentralized loyalty ecosystem

  • Token:QBX
  • ICO start: 24. Sep 2018
  • ICO end: 1. Oct 2018

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

qiibee ICO Short Review

qiibee creates a decentralized, Ethereum blockchain-based loyalty ecosystem by providing a loyalty protocol and developer interface on which every loyalty application can be tokenized. Through this approach they are able to connect a fragmented market, increase its efficiencies as well as cutting the central data authority. By disrupting the 300bn. heavy loyalty market they are able to bring the crypto community to millions of mainstream users and hence increas the crypto adoption. Thus their mission is to become the go-to community for the discipline combined by loyalty and crypto technology: crypto loyalty. They started our journey in the loyalty market by building a multi-branded and multi-activity loyalty program, which brands could use to reward their users for activities such as shopping as well as creating and engaging with content. They launched this prototype late 2016 and reached in the last 12 months more than 6 million activities as well as an average time per user of 27min. All this with 75’000 Swiss users (approx. 1% of all Swiss internet users). Furthermore they had the chance to work with more than 900 local, national and international brands; such as Subway, Burger King or SBB (Swiss Federal Railway.

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