Qchain (EQC) ICO Review

Marketing and advertising on blockchain technology

  • Token:EQC
  • ICO start: 24. Oct 2017
  • ICO end: 5. Dec 2017

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Technology: NEM blockchain

Qchain ICO Short Review

Qchain is an upcoming digital marketing, advertising, and analytics platform built on NEM and Ethereum blockchain technology. They seek to leverage the strengths of both NEM and Ethereum to fulfill our long-term vision of becoming a comprehensive marketing and advertising platform that is secure, reliable, scalable, and decentralized. They have launched a demo for the first piece of the platform, Qchain Advertising, which is an application focused on connecting digital advertisers and content publishers through an advanced direct buy marketplace. Their flagship application is a direct buy marketplace that makes it easy and simple for advertisers to transact in native ad units, a branch of digital advertising that’s rapidly expanding. This would greatly benefit publishers and content creators, advertisers, and everyday Internet users alike. They are also in the process of developing our second application, Qchain Surveys, which will provide an enterprise paid survey service for marketers, pollsters, and academics to inform their research. They will add applications in the future as we see fit to fill out the platform and fulfill or aims of building an entire end-to-end ecosystem for digital marketers and advertisers who want to run their whole workflow on blockchain technology.

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