PassLfix (PSLFX) ICO Review

Smart contract ethereum based parcel delivery.

  • Token:SLFX
  • ICO start: 2. Dec 2016
  • ICO end: 1. Jan 2017

Official WebsiteWhitepaper

Technology: Ethereum blockchain

assLfix ICO Short Review

For a delivery, the smart contracts are between physical or virtual objects (postboxes and luggage). Users and couriers “sign” the smart contract as owners of objects and have no legal obligation because of the smart contract. On the other hand, because objects do not lie and can be tracked, delivery smart contracts can check delivery conditions in a flexible, trustless and automatic way. For instance, the delivery conditions can foresee to reduce the return of deposit by 10% per day after a predefined date. The smart contract applies delivery rules with no need to go to court or make a complaint to insurance company.

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