Nimiq Network (NET) ICO Review

Browser-based Blockchain & Ecosystem

  • Token:NET
  • ICO start: 28. Jun 2017
  • ICO end: 8. Jul 2017

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Technology: Blockchain blockchain

Nimiq Network ICO Short Review

Nimiq intends to lower barriers of entry for blockchain technology, and make it accessible for mainstream use. With an operational betanet already live, users can experience how simple it is to mine inside a browser – installation free. Nimiq is making blockchain technology as accessible as the internet, with a vision to truly decentralize the web. Current available cryptocurrencies are complicated and counterintuitive for the average person to use. True internet decentralization is impossible if access to blockchain technology is limited to only the technically oriented people. Until blockchain can be picked up with general recognition and general usage, its true power remains unrealized.

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