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Nebulas Token Review

  • Symbol: NAS
  • Trading start date: 22 Aug 2017

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Technology: Ethereum


The emergence of Google has revolutionized the information search market. Now, to create a website and attract users to it, it’s enough to generate good content that users like and bring the site to the top of the search engine. A simple but ingenious method of ranking information on clicks (Google Page Rank) allowed to make a quantum leap in the development of the Internet – users were able to receive answers to interesting questions, and site administrators began to receive cherished traffic. The Internet has made sense.

The blockchain market is now at about the level of the 1996 World Wide Web. There are many decentralized applications (sites) that do not have practical benefits after the ICO. Tokensail for the sake of selling tokens is like a site for the sake of a site in the 1990s (just to be). The problem is not that there are no useful services on the blockchain – they are there, but among a heap of meaningless token-counters and tons of marketing headlines, it’s very difficult to find them. Traffic more important (read – money) than the quality of projects. This, of course, will change over time, but our current project will significantly accelerate this process.

Nebulas (in the translation of the “nebula”) allows you to search for information in distributed networks. Not to be confused with the traditional search for “blockchain” – Nebulas does not compete with Google, and searches for data only in decentralized applications implemented on different blockbuster platforms. What is it for? Assuming that in the future most of the business will go to decentralized data storage, a convenient search tool for them will be needed as air. Order a taxi through a decentralized Uber? First find it in Nebulas. Invest in a new ICO, about which there is little data on the network? Punch it through Nebulas. Find out what calculations are made in a given smart contract? Open the Nebulas. The company, in fact, re-opens the world of DApps and presents the possibility of navigating through it. For what information gets to the top of the search, the ranking algorithm Nebulas Rank is responsible is the first attempt to measure the value of information on the block, based on the speed of distribution, user demand, liquidity of the token and many other indicators. In addition, the developers of Nebulas for the first time proposed a number of innovative solutions. Among those is the Proof-of-Devotion (proof of devotion) consensus algorithm, which will enable users to receive rewards based on their contribution to the development of the system. To encourage developers to add their DApps for indexing by Nebulas, DIP (Developer Incentive Protocol) is created, a protocol that rewards creators of high-quality applications that have a demand among users. This will create a favorable environment for the development of high-quality applications, where in one row the usefulness can be an application from a billion-dollar corporation and a freeware framework written by an independent developer in a week. This process will lead to competition – the basis for the development of any system, which will radically accelerate the progress of the whole blockchain industry.

ICO project for 60 million dollars ended in December (surprise) and the second round in the near future is not expected. The list of investors was redistributed – that is, possession of a sufficient amount and the desire to invest did not yet guarantee participation in the token (among investors were Greylock, Alibaba and a number of well-known Chinese funds). The excitement is by no means surprising given the team behind Nebolus. The founder of the project – Hitters Xu – previously created the NEO platform (formerly Antshares), the financial company Ant Financial, which is part of the Alibaba Group. The rest of the team – the leaders and co-founders of NEO, are also the blockbuster pioneers in China.

Conclusion: The starting price of the coin on token sale was $ 2, now the NAS token (even after the whole market’s drawdown) is traded at around $ 11 (capitalization is $ 450 million) – nevertheless, this is an ideal entry point, you can consider it an ICO course, since the token is highly undervalued. It is obvious that the already working Nebulas test network will be replenished with new applications, which, together with the rise of the Chinese market (which will happen sooner or later) will send the NAS token to “the moon”. We are definitely recommend.


  • Hitters Xu – Founder
  • Robin Zhong – Co-Founder
  • Aero Wang – Co-Founder
  • Duran Liu – Head of Engineering
  • Hannah Yang – Head of Investment