MyWish (TM-WISH) ICO Review

Making Contracts Really Smart

  • Token:TM-WISH
  • ICO start: 25. Oct 2017
  • ICO end: 25. Nov 2017

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

MyWish ICO Short Review

MyWish platform is an ecosystem of smart contracts accumulating a complex of blockchain solutions designed to integrate high technologies into the real sector. Smart contracts can operate like financial institutions. However, there are some conceptual problems that hinder their wider usage; with the help of MyWish platforms, most of those problems can be resolved. Their platform has an open interface for 3rd party developers: everyone can send a contract and after a security audit, It will be listed on the platform. The Platform Tokens (WISH) are used for the creation of contracts and for external calls motivation during the whole contract’s life (Joule system). Thus, amount of tokens in the market will gradually decrease after deployments of new smart contracts. And rate increases due to tokens accumulation on the platform.

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