Local World Forwarders (LWF) ICO Review

Decentralized logistics platform

  • Token:LWF
  • ICO start: 23. Jan 2018
  • ICO end: 23. Feb 2018

Official WebsiteWhitepaper

Technology: Fork of OXY blockchain

Local World Forwarders ICO Short Review

Their DPoS system will allow users to have a distributed and secure system in which it is possible to allocate all the data of our P2P platform of logistics. Their BlockChain is designed in order to contain data on shipments, handling, disputes and feedbacks, parcel handling, invoicing and administration of the logistics company; all this functions in a fast and legally valid way thanks to the System based on the Opentime Stamps Notarization. There are two branches the Blockchain that is awesome described but fully missing a description of p2p portal with his 3 services + direct logistics. LWF main branch of the project, p2p portal that an alpha will be released in Dec 20th

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