Lescovex (LCX) ICO Review

Platform for the exchange and creation of digital assets

  • Token:LCX
  • ICO start: 1. Mar 2018
  • ICO end: 19. Apr 2018

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

Lescovex ICO Short Review

Lescovex is a platform for the exchange and creation of digital assets. A tool that, through Ethereum’s smart contracts technology, simplifies the process of tokenizing any good or digital asset. At the same time, the platform offers an online market where all kinds of digital goods can be exchanged: Cryptocurrencies, Tokens and Commodities, offering the possibility of trading them with the main fiat currencies such as Euro or Dollar. The main goal of the platform is to simplify the process of creation of tokens and smart contracts to facilitate the adoption of this potential technology in the organization and business of SMEs. With the aim of creating the largest new generation exchange supported by a solid community, Lescovex will distribute its profits among the entire community that supports the exchange by acquiring the official token of the platform [LCX]. Therefore, investors who have LCX tokens will receive 50% of the commissions of all the trading volume generated in the exchange.

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