Iryo Network (IRY) ICO Review

Creating a Public Healthcare Blockchain

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Technology: Eos blockchain

Iryo Network ICO Short Review

Iryo will enable the global interoperability of healthcare data, making it highly valuable to patients, hospitals and research organisations. Patients will be able to carry their medical history with them, enabling them to receive effective treatment anywhere in the world. Additionally, patients will be able to anonymously share their medical histories with research organisations. This will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the data gathering process that creates large amounts of overhead and decreases available resources for research institutions. In exchange for anonymous yet targeted patient data, research institutions can reward patients who share their medical history with Iryo Tokens, allowing them to use these tokens to pay for healthcare related expenses. Iryo certified clinics around the world will eventually hold create a new standard that can we adopted throughout a variety of clinics around the world. Iryo sets itself apart from our competitors by the fact that we are an open-source project, utilising a public blockchain and not a permissioned one as most other medical blockchain companies. Medical records will be decentralised and stored on three separate storage notes, all having zero-knowledge encryption.

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