Inbot Intoken (INTOKEN) ICO Review

Cryptocurrency for business referrals and introductions.

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

Inbot Intoken ICO Short Review

InToken is a cryptocurrency for business referrals and introductions. Inbot Ambassador is a global community of over 46,000 ambassadors in 161 countries, who introduce companies to customers that they personally know. They help businesses grow globally from trust, and reduce spamming and cold calling in process. Their People Graph AI maps trust between people. They invested $3 million to it, and it currently searches from over 7 million people, who is the best person to introduce you to each customer. Businesses purchase InTokens to offer them as rewards to ambassadors who make them introductions. The rewards are automatically distributed when the introduction is complete. They offer to community members also a possibility to earn InShares that pay long term InToken dividends.

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