Hurify (HUR) ICO Review

Decentralized Blockchain platform

  • Token:HUR
  • ICO start: 1. Feb 2018
  • ICO end: 28. Feb 2018

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

Hurify ICO Short Review

Hurify Inc. is Head-Quartered in Halifax, Canada, is founded by Ex-Intel veterans who also co-founded Paasmer platform for IoT and Drones. Hurify is an Ethereum based decentralized platform that is disrupting IoT Marketplace valued currently at $10 Billion and to grow into $1 Trillion by 2020. Hurify facilitates IoT Developers to monetize their IOT hardware resources and services via Smart Contracts. Hurify is powered by Ethereum ERC20 standard HUR Tokens. Hurify Beta is the MVP of the platform that is currently under testing and available for product demo on the Ethereum test network at Hurify has already partnered with Stewart Mckelvey, the leading law firm in Canada; Drone Think Do, the leading Drone consortium in Europe; Paasmer IoT and Drone platform, the innovative Platform As A Service provider in the United States. Hurify has also partnered with Exchanges TACXE and WANDX.

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