Hubii Network (HBT) ICO Review

A Blockchain-based Decentralised Content Marketplace

  • Token:HBT
  • ICO start: 24. Aug 2017
  • ICO end: 7. Sep 2017

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

Hubii Network ICO Short Review

Hubii’s mission is to create the new leading Ethereum-based decentralised content marketplace where creators and rightsholders can meet distribution networks and reach content buyers directly, all while having total confidence in maintaining the integrity of their rights through the use of smart contracts. Making use of smart contracts will allow Hubii Network to fix fundamental pain points in the content industry and apply mechanisms never seen before in the market. All this will be delivered whilst having full transparency, accountability and security over the transactions using a new cryptocurrency, Hubiits (HUB). The goal is for the entire Hubii Network to be open source and decentralised in nature.

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