Howdoo (uDoo) ICO Review

Decentralized social platform for users, content creators, and advertisers

  • Token:uDoo
  • ICO start: 12. Jun 2018
  • ICO end: 12. Jul 2018

Official WebsiteWhitepaper

Technology: Ethereum blockchain

Howdoo ICO Short Review

Howdoo is a decentralized social platform for users, content creators, and advertisers. Designed to stimulate greater trust, openness, and transparency, the platform rewards and empowers the users, content creators, and communities that form the true value of any social network. It’s about giving users complete control over their personal data, and the choice of whether or not to monetize such insights; it’s about providing the means to measure the trust and reputation of information sources; it’s about inspiring content creators, giving them the ability to maintain ownership of their assets across all third party channels, and the opportunity to receive a fair return for their efforts; and it’s about giving advertisers the chance to engage with willing audiences, and to incentivize all influencers in a simple and convenient fashion. This is Howdoo.

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