Dreamteam token sale & ico review

Dreamteam ICO

Cybersport, perhaps, is one of the most actively growing industries in the world. 250 million players compete every day for their piece of the market, with a volume of more than $ 1 billion, in various game disciplines. But all laurels in this field go to only a small number of teams that are able to maintain a large corporate structure of managers, headhunters, scouts and other experts from the outside world that ensure the proper functioning and development of the team.

Of course, a beginning cybersport who wants to create his own team will face a huge obstacle in the form of such corporate machines that suck up talented players from the market and sponsor contracts. In football, for example, such a problem does not exist, and clubs with multibillion-dollar budgets and Cristiano Ronaldo peacefully coexist with amateur teams from the youth league, whose coach can assemble the team in any court, gradually move up the leagues and raise the club’s level. Cybersport, by its remote nature, needs the same tools, open and equal for all participants of the market, to create teams, search for players, coaches, tournaments, and later transparent and convenient management of the newly created team.

Dreamteam solves these problems, offering a set of products for recruiting and management in the field of e-sports. Dreamteam develops a single platform where each player can find like-minded people and form a team, communicate with market professionals to quickly pump their level, manage the team and organize fee payments, regulate relationships with partners and sponsors. All processes are implemented on smart contracts and use Dreamteam tokens (DTT), the value of which, according to the developers, will only grow due to the creation of a payment ecosystem. If we consider that even outside the blockade there is no specialized tool for selecting and managing cybersport teams, Dreamteam pretends to become a monopolist in this market. The creators of the project hope to remedy the situation in which in the League of Legends discipline with 250 million active players around the world only 100 clubs compete – for comparison, in football, with the same number of players, there are more than 300,000 clubs. Removing barriers to the simple creation of teams, Dreamteam plans to multiply the number of their teams, thereby increasing the flow of capital into e-sports.

Pre-ICO project starts on December 7 at 20:00 Moscow time, and will last until December 10 inclusive. Harcap of the total tokensale is set at the border of $ 45 million, tokens in the equivalent of $ 6 million will be sold during the preselection and the first phase of the ICO (main stage) at the rate of 1 ETH = 2000 DTT, the minimum entry threshold for the presale is $ 50,000, the bonus to ICO will be 15%. The main stage of the token will take place from December 11 to December 14, the minimum entry threshold is 0.01 ETH, the maximum threshold is unlimited.

Pre-Sale start: 7 Dec 2017

Official website: https://token.dreamteam.gg