Dacxi (TM-DAC1) ICO Review

Community Crypto Exchange, pioneering a new category of crypto-exchange

  • Token:TM-DAC1
  • ICO start: 11. Jun 2018
  • ICO end: 1. Aug 2018

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

Dacxi ICO Short Review

Dacxi (Digital Asset Community Exchange International) is a mover in this exciting new category of Community Exchanges, having launched a public beta of both a simple and user-friendly exchange, and a community with key content and functionality for retail-investor support, in June 2018. Dacxi believes the most effective Community Exchanges focus on a complete Retail Investor ecosystem; that’s why Dacxi has added a third platform called Crypto-Venture Capital, or Crypto-VC. This platform is designed to deliver high-quality low-risk ICOs to attract, empower, and more importantly, protect retail investors. Driving the growth of the Dacxi ecosystem is the DAC Coin – the world’s first Community Exchange membership coin. In 2018, exchange coins have been one of the best performing investment sectors in crypto, making the DAC Coin not simply an attractive investment that any astute investor should add to their portfolio, but also a mechanism to drive added content and incentivisation inside the Dacxi community. Dacxi is paving the way for this powerful new market of mainstream retail investors to enter the crypto space, ensuring they have the best platforms to invest, understand, and engage with the world of crypto assets.

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