Coins4Favors (C4F) ICO Review

Decentralised blockchain powered global peer-to-peer marketplace for mini-jobs & favors

  • Token:C4F
  • ICO start: 1. Jun 2018
  • ICO end: 30. Jul 2018

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

Coins4Favors ICO Short Review

They create a blockchain powered global p2p marketplace for people to find providers or customers of small jobs or favors in remote locations (not professional services, but ordinary things everyone can do). Via a location enabled app people can post or search offers for mini-jobs or favors around the world. Examples would be taking a picture of a remote location (e.g. a vacation destination you want to go to but wonder if the house really looks that good, a restaurants menu in a city nearby, etc.), or doing a small favor (a car mechanic checking out a used car on behalf that someone found on the internet who lives 4 hours away), transporting goods („I need someone to take a small box from City A to City B till Saturday“), „need someone who lives near London to go to my grandma, so I can video call her from Sidney on her 80th birthday next Saturday“) etc. The app allows to find people in the respective area that can do the favor or to browse through requests in your area and chose which ones you want to provide. Parties negotiate the amount of FavorCoins (C4F Token) in the app and the amount is reserved in an escrow till completion of the favor. Juror system to resolve disputes between parties included. Rating system to judge quality of providers/requesters included, too. This will allow everyone to participate in the entire service economy (same as Uber for driving), especially people who have low eduction/skills by applying their basic knowledge and skills to earn coins which can be converted back into FIAT.

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