BloodChain (BLOOD) ICO Review

Open Social Blood Bank

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

BloodChain ICO Short Review

The project aims to build a BloodChain cooperation network for a new blood donation platform. The beneficiaries will be all stakeholders registered in the BloodChain network. The platform will be focused on cooperation with public healthcare and blood colectioning organisations and units, as well as private organizations who care about the interests of their clients and widely understood stakeholders, including patients, blood donors and organizations that support blood donation. The objective of BloodChain is to unite current and potential blood donors as well as all who want to support the idea of voluntary blood donation. Within the cooperation network, both donors and supporters will be motivated to participate in blood donation activities and they will be rewarded for such activity through services directed to the network (medical examinations, dedicated diets, gift cards, access to sport and recreation centers, insurance under special conditions and other incentives). Community members will have the possibility to collect benefits that can be used or passed to another organization or person. Thus they will be able to help twofold. The Open Social Blood Bank concept is a metaphor that describes the BloodChain donors network available 24/7/365 to donate blood by required type, when and where is needed. All BloodChain community members together constitute the social blood bank. The community is open for all who want to support it, participate in it and use it.

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