Atlant (ATL) ICO Review

World’s Real Estate Blockchain Platform

  • Token:ATL
  • ICO start: 7. Sep 2017
  • ICO end: 1. Nov 2017

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

Atlant ICO Short Review

ATLANT Platform (hereinafter “ATLANT”) is building a next generation global real-estate platform based on blockchain technology. They are using cryptofinancing (Initial Coin Offering) for growth capital rather than traditional venture capital and shareholders. They believe blockchain has the potential to help accelerate the adoption of the Sharing Economy which has already begun to unleash industry disruption by opening up significant amounts of previously untapped private capacity and tokenization of property will completely change real estate transactions and ownership transfer as we know them. With a secure, tamper-proof system based on the blockchain, users can trade parcels of property on our platform and bypass intermediaries in rental deals, transacting P2P (peer-to-peer), all of which will enhance ease of use and security for guests and hosts alike, streamlining user experience and driving accelerated adoption

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