Accounting Blockchain (TM-TAB) ICO Review

Linking business accounts through blockchain

  • Token:TM-TAB
  • ICO start: 15. Jul 2018
  • ICO end: 30. Sep 2018

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

Accounting Blockchain ICO Short Review

Accounting Blockchain provides blockchain solutions to businesses and individuals. The three initial pplatforms being developed are 1. n Accounting Blockchain build specifically for the facilitation of triple entry accounting, a process which by giving a trusted common ground between companies, saves its users lots of time and money in reconcilations, deters fraud, and streamlines the supply chain; 2. AB Fingertips Suite, an accounting platform that is capable of triple antry and integrates the use of crytpocurrency in the day to day running of businesses, 2. AB Taxavance, a platform that tracks crypto assets and provides taxation assistance though AB’s global network of Tax practitioners.

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