4Artechnologies (4ART) ICO Review

Transparency, authenticity and security for the art world

  • Token:4ART
  • ICO start: 31. Aug 2018
  • ICO end: 31. Oct 2018

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Technology: Ethereum blockchain

4Artechnologies ICO Short Review

Their existing software is able to scan and match an artwork’s unique digital fingerprint by capturing its finest textural details. Once this fingerprint is stored on the blockchain, the artwork is essentially unforgeable: this powerful software detects even the most sophisticated fake.At the heart of our blockchain-based platform are the artworks’ forgery-proof profiles including their digital fingerprints, history, and provenance. For any transaction, smart contracts and the decentralized nature of the blockchain guarantee the highest security standards. This finally offers the unprecedented transparency the art world has lacked.The best solutions are those that benefit all. Their authentication protocol works for art portfolios large or small, for individual owners or big institutions. For insurers and logistic firms, it makes instant condition reports quick and easy and offers novel track & trace functionality. And not least, it opens the way for artists to earn from resales of their works.

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